Welcome to RTMC 2017!!!

Welcome to Rocky Top Multisport Club 2017!

We have a very exciting year in store.  More discounts, opportunities, and with the growth in membership …. more friends!

In 2016, RTMC grew to over 200 members.  This year we expect the growing trend to continue.  In 2017, we started the “Lost in Transition” podcast in collaboration with Chris Gerard and Lana Burl and expect to see them take that to new heights in the coming months!  We also had the new opportunity of holding open water swim practices in the Tennessee River during the warmer months and that was a fantastic new addition to the training opportunities that were already available.

As for training opportunities in 2017, we will continue with the tradition of Monday Night Open Water Swims at The Cove along with a second group swim opportunity (TBD) that run Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We are also looking to host the third annual RTMC Spring Training Camp.

We are also thrilled to announce some new sponsors this year along with the return of many that have supported us through the years.
A brand new sponsor for 2017 is our Presenting Sponsor:
Harper Auto Square

Gold Sponsors are:

Podium Sports Medicine
Heritage Investors

Thank you to all of these plus our other sponsors that support us through discounts and other special treats through the year!

Your executive board for 2017:

Jim DeTar — President
Stephen Barto — Vice President
Melanie King —Secretary
David King — Treasurer

Members at Large: — Derek Tingle, Muna Rodriguez-Taylor, Larry Brede

If you would like to lend a hand and help out — please do!  We know we have MANY members with exceptional talents outside of swim, bike, run.

Thank you for helping to make RTMC the outstanding organization that it has become!

Here’s to a fantastic 2017 filled with training, racing, and having fun!


Your 2017 RTMC Board

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